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Machine Tool help forum
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Best CNC Machine Tool Help Forums forum- This websites forum

NEC-national electric code and information forum-great forum and NEC training material

CNC Zone forum- CNC, CAD, Custom CNC's, servo sizing, many interesting topics Etc..

Modern Machine Shop- excellent forum source for machine tool needs

Practical machinist forum

CNC Concepts- Click "Quick links Tab" Then "CNC Talk forum"


Maintenance World

Home shop machinist Forum

Woodworking CNC Forum-excellent forum for all around woodworking with CNC machine tools

News Groups

Google Metalworking


Ahha CNC

Automation Forums

Machines & Machining engineering Forum- Eng-Tips- Machines & Machining engineering technical support forum and mutual help system for engineering professionals. Selling and recruiting forbidden. PLC forums

MR PLC PLC forums

Ge Fanuc automation Forums

GNK Resource site- Online Italian technical resource for programmers of HMI, SCADA, MES, and PLC industrial applications. (Italian lang.only)

Plastics forums

Feed screw designs- plastic extrusion and feed screw systems

Hobby CNC and building mini/micro/small machine tools

Turbo CNC


Electrical code

NEC electrical code Forum